Enterprise Agility World Conference 2022 - Virtual event

Where Science Meets Organizational Change

Unique learning experience for organizational change consultants  and experts in enterprise agility


Get Inspired, Motivated, learn and connect with people from all around the planet

With simultaneous translation in 33 languages, EAWC2022 is the world’s leading Enterprise Agility conference where attendees go beyond Agile, and Business Agility. With over 50 conferences, participants learn new theories and practices for leaders, change consultants, and anyone in business trying to accelerate change in organizations facing high uncertainty and exponential change.

Keynote Speakers

Al Shalloway

Thought leader & CEO

Ph.D. Delia McCabe

Founder & CEO
Lighter, Brighter You!

Dr. Arthie Moore-Robberts

Celebrating Humanity

Marshall Guillory

Vice President
Government Practice for Agile Rising

Disrupting your idea about change

Engaging and inspiring talks & workshops

Experience everything no other conference has to offer. With the latest research on Enterprise Agility and organizational change, we will take you far beyond Agile and Business Agility.
You can watch the presentations live and with subtitles in over 30 languages, interact with the speakers, re-watch the recordings, and learn about the future of organizational change.

Take advantage of the opportunity now to attend our world conference and the additional EAWC Continuous Learning Conferences on February 5-6, April 5-6, June 5-6, and August 5-8 with just one ticket.


The science behind change

Learn new and advanced concepts on how to influence organizations facing high uncertainty to create better products and innovations, and how to lead market disruption in a highly volatile environment

Beyond Agile and Business Agility

Know how to move beyond agility and business agility, and learn new concepts and practices of enterprise agility, neuroscience of change, and paradigms that will help you redesign your organization

Influence with actionable knowledge

Get ready-to-use concepts that will transform the way you work and the way you influence and accelerate change in people and products from your organization.

Access our additional conferences

Professionals need continuous learning, and we know that one conference a year isn't enough. With a single ticket, you can attend the EAWC conferences on February 5-6, April 5-6, June 5-6, and August 5-8.

The best place to acquire new knowledge

Cutting-edge platform that will allow you not only to access the lectures, but also to be in contact with professionals from other latitudes, talk with them, and share unique experiences. The largest non-profit conference around the world on Science, Organizational Change, and Enterprise Agility

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Main event on Science, Organizational Change, and Enterprise Agility
Organizational Behaviors and Enterprise Agility
Neuroscience applied to organizational change
Strategic Management and Innovation
Organizational Structure and Design for Exponential growth
Nov 5 & 6
Feb 5 & 6
April 5 & 6
June 5 & 6
August 5 & 6

Your company will struggle to cope with change if you are not continuously learning.

That’s why we offer the opportunity to attend EAWC’s Neverending Learning Conferences every 3 months to be ahead of the game.

Learn something actionable, and provide your organization with cutting-edge ideas and practices.

EAWC’s Neverending Learning Conferences are unique opportunities for you and your organization to empower people and products.

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