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Do you want your business to deliver more business value and innovation? ​


Don't miss this TWO-DAY FREE training on neuroscience of change applied to organizations

November 5 and 6 is the event of the decade for leaders, change consultants and people/talent. We are hosting Neurodiversity Week on OCTOBER 24th & 25th with an event that will give you the knowledge to build companies that are always ready, always prepared and always innovating. A unique and free event that will empower you to take your career to the next level.

A free and unique opportunity valued at $1800, packaged in 2 days and provided free of charge by the Enterprise Agility World Conference

Diversity is not the same as neurodiversity. Neurodiversity means that there are significant differences in the way people’s brains work. From an organizational change and leadership perspective, having neurodiverse teams is a challenge. However, today we know that it is an opportunity that allows companies with greater neurodiversity to go one step further than others and be always ready for the constant changes in the markets, to be always resposive, and to be always innovative.

"New neurodiversity approaches allow companies to exponentially increase its readiness, responsiveness, and innovation"

Neurodiversity is an important component of enterprise agility! The new techniques, practices and neurodiversity research are critical for leaders, change agents and people/talent facing constant change and market disruptions. Here is what you’ll learn in these two days:

1. Build organizations that can adapt faster to rapid and exponential change in markets
2. Learn practices and how they connect to frameworks like Scrum or SAFe to build organizations that are always ready, always responsive, and always innovative
3. Understand the science behind high adaptability, neurodiversity, and innovation

During the Enterprise Agility World Conference pre-show, renowned neuroscientists and acclaimed change agents will show you advanced practices for change consultants, leaders, and people/talent that will enable you to move beyond agile and build more flexible and resilient organizations. In turn, you will experience benefits that will positively impact teams using well-known frameworks such as Scrum or SAFe.


When you attend this pre-show event of the Enterprise Agility World Conference, you also become a member of something bigger! The Enterprise Agility World Community is a global non-profit community that brings you advanced knowledge events for change agents, leaders and employees/talent.

Here you can learn about high-profile topics such as enterprise agility, new ways of leadership, adaptive enterprises facing accelerated change, and the science behind organizational change.


Catalan • Chinese Mandarin • Chinese Cantonese • Croatian • Czech • Danish • Dutch • English (Accessibility) • Finnish • French • German • Greek • Hindi • Hungarian • Indonesian • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Lithuanian • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Serbian Latin • Slovak • Spanish • Swedish • Thai • Turkish (Türkçe) • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Leaders from all around the world

Meet Our Speakers


DR. Justin J. Kennedy

TEDx Speaker & TEDx coach | Behavioural Neuroscience Professor | Academic & Executive Coach | Harvard University Neuroscience Certified | Ph.D. Supervisor | Researcher & Author

Clair Dale

Author of the award-winning book "Physical Intelligence", Director Physical Intelligence Institute and CIM, PhD Candidate, Fellow at ION

Sylvia de Hohberg

Transformational Leadership & HR Agility Consultant, Coach & Facilitator | Gallup Strengths Coach | Talent Development | L&D | Culture & Engagement | Enterprise Agility | IamRemarkable Facilitator

Dr. Marwane el Kharbili

Member at AI Guild


Complex Adaptive Systems Team Coach, Certified team coach by the Global Team Coaching Institute and a Birkman Signature® Consultant, ICF and EMCC


Erich R. Bühler

CEO of the Enterprise Agility University, author of the best-selling book Leading Exponential Change

Kerrie (Souster) Alanen

Managing Director, Leadership & Consulting

Walter Shraiber

Agile coach / Enterprise Agility Consultant

Marco Giannecchini

Doctor, Neuroscientist, Accenture. Empowering positive Neuro habits for leaders by providing neuroscience-based insights & strategies for impactful implementation of digital health go-to-market-strategies, culture changes, mental toughness and resilience

Maura Barclay

CEO & Founder of Changing Greatly, Author of Unbreakable Woman, CEO - CCMP-NFP, leadership to Fortune 500 companies

Randy Swaim

Founder and CEO at WIL Empowered| Host of the WIL Talk podcast| Catalyst for change| Advocate for Women| Executive Coach| ION Founding Fellow| Ph.D. Candidate at Middlesex University

who make this possible

Let's Recap:

The Science behind Change

Understand what neurodiversity is and learn new and advanced concepts on how to influence organizations facing high uncertainty to create better products and innovations

Beyond Agile and Business Agility

Move beyond agility and business agility, and learn new concepts and practices of enterprise agility, neuroscience of change, and paradigms that will help you redesign your organization

Influence With Actionable Knowledge

Ready-to-use concepts that will transform the way you work and the way you influence and accelerate change.

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